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We put energy music party for weddings and events in Italy!

Dance and fun from afternoon to night, all in one breath your wedding party, with Dj Set live in Italy

dj italy

My mission: bring happiness shared by the emotions of music,
in the memories of your time!

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It’s the party!
The last charts pop dance and house music, the classics Funky - Disco '70s - '80s, the Dance of '90s,the evergreen of the classic rock, Latin Music! Certainly you can suggest me your preferences and your playlist.

The right groove for unforgettable aperitiv and party. Dance and fun from afternoon to night, all in one breath your wedding party, with Dj Set live: automatic systems to play and mix the music, like laptops, software, sync, are not used.

Emotions in people’s eyes are something else. The difference and the added value of a great music lover with acquired musical knowledge year after year, and a work related to contact with audiences always different, from all over the world. ALL YOUR FRIENDS

Choose the best Wedding Dj in Italy!

On the most important day of a couple, music is essential to make the bride and groom, their relatives and friends feel good.

The atmosphere must be welcoming, accompany the emotions, with a shared soundtrack: also with a playlist and suggestions of the spouses to the DJ, who will interpret it.

The simplicity of the service of the first part of the party for an aperitif and relaxing dinner and then dance until the rhythm is in you, with the dj doing everything alone or can be accompanied by sax, vocalist and even a percussionist!

The DJ’s art will be to play the right song at the right time: that’s why the prepackaged playlists don’t work.

In this way, when we say that the party was beautiful, it succeeded, it is because with the experience and empathy of the dj towards the energy and musical taste of the present, everything is transformed into a shared collective experience. The dancing and the fun.

Here is your chance to hire a professional, who has 30 years of experience in the sector: Gianpiero Fatica, best wedding DJ old school in Italy.


My taste and my musical culture is old school: in the '80s I was working on Radio Kiss Kiss, very important Italian broadcaster. 

It was the years of funky and classic rock, danceable, melodic music. Even today my preferences for the party are towards pop and house music melodic, vocal, sung.

In these years I have made my own the emotional taste of the spouses, which is a different event from the djset in a club: here you can feel the emotion and the desire to be together of a group of friends and relatives. The dj returns all this with the right groove in the evening, with the right soundtrack. You can not explain, it is a magical emotion that you can only live and renew at each event, with the experience.

 I have my repertoire always open to new variables, but if you are a wedding dj you must be willing to accept the suggestions of the newlyweds and also their playlists.

We put energy music party for weddings and events in Italy! The mood and groove shall be returned on your evening, without interruption the whole night. It’s the 30-year experience in dance and entertainment music, who can breathe the energy of the spouses and their friends.

Interpret the musical culture that is in the taste, in the fun and that represents the important emotions and memories of our life.

When you scream and exclaim at every change in music, and when you sing the refrains of the songs, the DJ is in complete harmony with the people.

He offers music service for a variety of events including private parties, weddings, business and luxury events, in every Italian location. Live Wedding DJ in Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, in Umbria, villas and castles, and in the most beautiful farmhouses to dance the night away under the stars, and in all the Italian dream locations.

I usually manage directly up to 2 audio stations; the first can be relaxing, jazz, easy listening but also the danceable r&b atmosphere to start having fun from the beginning until late at night!

Aperitif party with fun classic black music with Stevie Wonder and the best sound in live djset


I use 2 professional Pioneer consoles for the djset strictly live, suitable speakers in the background for the aperitif, and 2 subwoofers (ground) to warm up the sound and 2 speakers at the top for the party.

Available wireless microphone for speeches.

To relive at the top the emotions of party, soul and danceable rock of the 70s and 80s and dance '90s, old school DJ and evening with turntable technics 1200 and vinyl!

Lighting valid both indoors and outdoors: 1 moving head, 3 lasers, 2 pairs of colored par/led, others available.

Additional services:

- Dj + Vocalist

- Dj + Pianobar Singer

- Dj + Sax

- Dj + Jazz Band

- Jazz Trio instrumental or Jazz quintet with singer

You will be dancing all night long!

- Additional services:
He can make professional estimates with his audio and lights service partners.

Available a big screen where you can simultaneously project the videos of the songs mixed live, also useful for your wedding film or for any business demonstration.

Gianpiero Fatica offers nothing but the best live bands (Jazz Swing Band or Live Wedding Band). also the best vocalists and saxophonists, Bollywood percussionists, to accompany the DJ, but also jam sessions by solo musicians who can interpret the requests and atmospheres of corporate events and wedding parties of our spouses!

Imagine the best music with real Dj-set of the disco and funky 70s and 80s, dance 90s, r&b, pop and rock music and the last dance charts for a real dance party! House music, club house, vocal house, Miami, Ibiza style, balearic, deep-house, tech-house, chill-out, latino, reggaeton, salsa, batucada, bossa nova, afro, reggae, classic rock, country, Irish, Bollywood and much more!

Choose your rhytm of the night, dance the night away with weddingdj.it !

For lovers of funky, disco, soul 70s - 80s - 90s, you can listen my beloved Funky Disco Radio

Events and Luxury Weddings in Italy with live DJ Set music party and professional audio lights service

Note: In Italy, the organizers of events accompanied by music, must carry out the permission of SIAE.IT

Wedding Dj Gianpiero Fatica

Real questions asked by my spouses Dyanne and Alessio.
I liked these questions and I could use them, to create a F.a.q. page!

- Gianpiero, how would you describe your style?
My style is as a dj "old school": people dance but the protagonist is not the DJ. It's the right atmosphere. It's the right song at the right time. This is achieved with experience, it cannot be explained as a rational thing. It's the feeling of the groove between the DJ and the people.
- Would you also be able to take requests from the guests on the night itself?
I cannot always fulfill requests made by guests. Sometimes they are completely beyond the imaginable or for a personal desire a dance flow is interrupted. Other times a request is precise and useful!
- How do you keep the dance floor packed? :)
Here too there is no recipe, it takes experience, musical knowledge, feeling and empathy with the atmosphere required by the spouses and with the atmosphere that the guests themselves create in the party room.
A small rule is to carry on the evening by embracing different musical nuances, as if to create different musical waves.
But not continually mixing genres.
To be clearer, let's assume 30 minutes of revival and then 30 minutes of house music and so on: but also on time, it depends on the perception that the DJ must have of how much still that musical genre, that groove is enjoyed by people.
A wedding party is very different from an evening in a club, where there are basically people of the same age and they listen and dance all evening or for a couple of hours and then go away, techno, house or other.
- Do you have a back-up in case you become unavailable? (hope not!)
The audio speakers are amplified separately, it is a system created specifically to avoid any problems.
The Pioneer players are professional and work with CDs, USB sticks and if desired the computer can also be used.
(Original questions at the italian Dj Gianpiero Fatica - forbidden to use these contents, property of the website weddingdj.it)

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Wedding Dj Italy Gianpiero Fatica:
here some videos of different musical extraction
to describe my work. Imagine these or other atmospheres for your wedding party!

A WonderfulWedding Party:

Happy Music:

Downbeat, R&B:

Classic revival ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s rock, pop and disco:

Surprise for the newlyweds:

Lights effects at open in a castle Odescalchi, near Rome,:

Lights effetcs at open, in a little venue, in Amalfi coast:

Live dj set house music:

Live dj set reggaeton:

Live dj set Indian Wedding in Italy:

Live djset with female vocalist:

Live djset with Sax:
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